Training & Exercises


The Network’s training programs for healthcare providers include orientations to response plans and workshops on specific response capabilities such as business resiliency, Hospital Incident Command System, evacuation, decontamination and pediatric care. Trainings are scheduled based on needs identified in exercises or real events, as well as requests from our healthcare partners. To meet the needs of our participants, we leverage online and classroom training platforms, and develop user-friendly tools to assist healthcare partners with educating their staffs.


Together with the health departments, emergency management offices and key response partners, the Network plans, executes and evaluates a variety of exercises that allow healthcare organizations and other participants to test their response plans and capabilities. Local exercises are focused on the top hazards for our region and overlaid with important response tactics (e.g., communications, surge, evacuation). When possible, the Network incorporates grant and accreditation requirements into regional exercise objectives.

The Network creates After Action Reports for all exercises summarizing the events and key lessons learned. The reports serve as aids for regional and organization-level performance evaluation and improvement plans. The Network also develops tools such as sample scenarios and playbook templates to support healthcare organizations in conducting their own exercises.

Past exercises include:

  • National Disaster Medical System Patient Reception Full-Scale Exercise (2013)
  • Healthcare Facility Water Disruption Exercise (2012)
  • National Disaster Medical System Patient Reception Tabletop Exercise (2012)
  • Nursing Home Evacuation Tabletop Exercise (2012)
  • Hospital Response to a Bombing Exercise (2012)
  • Healthcare Winter Storm Response Exercise (2011)
  • Pediatric Hospital Evacuation and Response Exercise (2011)
  • Soundshake the Aftershock (2010)
  • Hospital Evacuation Drill (2010)
  • Nursing Home Evacuation Tabletop Exercise (2010)

To view upcoming training and exercise opportunities, visit the Events & Registration page, or contact us for more information.