Emergency Response / WATrac

The Network will be a key partner in your organization’s response to—and recovery from—our next emergency. Our members and partners count on us to provide the following scalable services:

  • Community-sourced critical situational awareness briefs for healthcare
  • Emergency alerts
  • Emergency patient tracking
  • Healthcare resource sharing and coordination
  • Collaborative healthcare operational response and policy

We provide 24/7 support through our Duty Officer, and activate our Healthcare Emergency Coordination Center (HECC) to provide a critical link among healthcare facilities, public health departments and government partners.


The Network is the Western Washington administrator of WATrac (Washington System for Tracking Resources, Alerts, and Communication), Washington State’s web-based healthcare resource tracking and alert system for statewide collaboration on a daily basis and during emergency responses.

Accurate patient tracking is a key aspect of mass casualty incident (MCI) response and essential for effective family reunification, and WATrac provides a platform for multiple healthcare facilities to track patient information from an MCI in a single location.

The Network has developed training videos that allow for continuity of training and familiarity with the system, as well as providing just-in-time training during an incident. The videos are available in the Network’s Vimeo library.