The Network turns competitors into collaborators by bringing together healthcare leaders to build collective preparedness and response capabilities in the Puget Sound region through a variety of critical advisory committees and work groups.

Contact the Network if you are interested in joining any of the meetings listed below.

Healthcare Preparedness Committee

Focuses on sharing best practices, knowledge transfer and insightful discussion around disaster preparedness, leading to region-wide cohesion and healthcare coordination. Per CMS, healthcare organizations are required to have a coordinated and collaborative relationship with state and local governments during a disaster, and they are strongly encouraged to plan collaboratively with local partners and healthcare coalitions.

Long-term Care Advisory Group

Brings together long-term care leaders and emergency managers each quarter with the goal of developing concrete, regional solutions to address common vulnerabilities and challenges facing long-term care facilities in a disaster.

This committee contributes toward meeting CMS requirements by providing a forum for long-term care organizations to connect, with the goal of developing plans, participating in community drills and collaborating on a regional level. Active participation in this committee is beneficial to a long-term care organization and the community as a whole.

Healthcare Supply Chain Resiliency Committee

Supply chain leaders and emergency managers come together with the goal of developing concrete, regional solutions, including a mutual aid plan, to address common vulnerabilities and challenges facing the supply chain in a disaster. This committee meets bimonthly and Members are welcome to participate.

This committee provides a forum to collectively develop and implement solutions. Per CMS, healthcare organizations are expected to have agreements with vendors and back-up vendors to receive supplies within 24 to 48 hours in the event of an emergency.

Acute Infectious Disease Advisory Group

Assists in cooperatively prioritizing and implementing regional planning and response priorities for acute infectious disease incidents. This group is by invitation only. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Hospital Strategy Group

Comprised of hospital emergency managers, the Hospital Strategy Group provides strategic input on current planning and projects. This group meets monthly and participation is by invitation only.

Training & Exercise Advisory Workgroup

Guides the planning and programming of regional trainings and exercises conducted by the Network. It meets quarterly or as-needed, and participation is by invitation only.

Disaster Clinical Advisory Committee

This multi-disciplinary committee provides expert clinical advice on issues such as regional medical surge and crisis standards of care, and is an integral component of an ethical, responsive, transparent and clinically-responsible health emergency decision-making structure for King and Pierce counties. This committee also advises the local health officers and other policymakers during health emergencies. This committee meets quarterly and participation is by application only.

Healthcare Executive Response Committee

The Healthcare Executive Response Committee is an advisory body of executive‐level healthcare representatives that provides guidance on emergency response‐related healthcare policy issues during preparedness and response. The committee also provides healthcare executive endorsement/approval of NWHRN response plans and strategies and outreach and coordination with peers during preparedness and response.