About the Network

A strong, robust and coordinated healthcare community is essential during emergencies. Since 2005, the Northwest Healthcare Response Network (the Network) has led regional efforts to build a disaster-resilient healthcare system through collaboration with healthcare providers, public health agencies and the community partners they depend on.

Together we develop effective emergency preparedness plans, trainings and relationships that will help save lives in Puget Sound and across Washington state. Our work helps keep hospitals and other healthcare facilities open and operating during and after disasters, enabling them to continue serving the community.


We lead regional healthcare collaboration to effectively respond and recover in emergencies and disasters


Our community gets the care it needs during and after an emergency or disaster


  • Collaboration: Working together as public and private partners
  • Effectiveness: Striving for excellence and continuous improvement
  • Innovation: Seeking fresh solutions to modern challenges
  • Stewardship: Using resources efficiently and equitably

Impact Focus Areas

We commit our expertise and resources to prepare and support a unified and coordinated healthcare community that will:

  • Be Resilient: Learn and adapt to prevent, withstand and mitigate impacts of future emergencies.
  • Sustain Care: Continue to provide patient care during in an emergency.
  • Surge Care: Manage a surge in demand for patient care during an emergency.
  • Recover: Restore operations to meet patient care needs after an emergency.